Mar 6 2014

Atlanta The Place Of Interior Design

Original: Atlanta Mustache

Atlanta is a place of tradition.

You can tell by taking a drive around the neighborhoods. You will see the homes are elegant and have a traditional style.

Some of the most popular window coverings in Atlanta are also very popular in other cities and for various cities. One of these is basswood blinds.

This type of window covering is very popular in Atlanta because it has a traditional look and can be afforded by most people’s budget.

Basswood blinds are horizontal 2” blinds that tilt and move up or down. Another popular window covering in Atlanta is the roman shade made with bamboo material.

These are extremely popular because they are modern and unique. Order samples of each and decide on one. These blinds great in everything from homes to churches and you can buy them right now at

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Feb 15 2014

Getting Atlanta Inspired Home Decor & More

Original: Atlanta Mustache

We love to head over to Ikea and just have a ball. That store is so large and can get just about anything over there which is a great thing. Sometimes, its not a big deal to some people to have a great home. But to us here in Atlanta, it is really a big deal.

So today start getting with the program and stop waiting around the home for your improvement to actually happen. Dont settle for less for style. Sometimes more is really more. Not that less is less. That is why I love window blinds and how they change the entire look of your home.

You can get blinds window that go with wood faux blinds or even motorized vertical blinds. You can also get sun shades for windows like these window blackout or these action roller shades motorized. After looking at these all-new exterior roller shades that include white roman...

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Jan 27 2014

Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Original: Build-A-Beard


"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't." -- Pete Seeger

Rest in peace, good sir.


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Jan 25 2014

BREAKING: We are making a difference (duh)

Original: Build-A-Beard

GUYS! We're doing it; and we are winning!

Look, we never want to hurt the economy, or any one company or another, make people lose jobs or support any kind of economic regression... but the fact of the matter is, there are certain companies that are at the forefront of beardicide and pognophobia... razors, single use or fancy ones with 8000 blades, trimmers, clippers, and other sinister tools of torture, destruction and death.

The companies that support or harbor these terroristic methods, it's no surprise that we have sworn to smoke them out of their holes back in 2008/2009, when B-a-B formed.

Well, beardos and stachemates, today, we are honored to let you know the tide of the war on beards is waning, it's taken a turn; a turn that will stand out as a key moment in time that you will tell your children that the wave finally broke, and rolled back.

Bloomberg reports that beardicide supporter and facial hair villain megacompany Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) has announced that everything from

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Jan 15 2014

January 16th Social

Original: The Jacksonville Beardsmith Society


Hello Beardsmith's. Tomorrow, January 16th, is our monthly meeting night. We will be gathering at Underbelly downtown on Bay St. If you haven't joined us yet, please do. The 2014 Beard and Mustache competition season is ramping up. Several events are coming soon! Interested in competing? Come chat with Devon and Sam Holcombe. Learn about their experience in the competitive world and find out why you should be involved. What about a competiton in Jacksonville you ask? We will begin working with Underbelly to plan an event for this year. Join us and find out what you can do to help make this event a success. See ya'll tomorrow night.


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Jan 9 2014

Welcome to the party, NYT?

Original: Build-A-Beard

Well gosh... I wonder why it took the New York Times over nearly 5 years to arrive at this conclusion... and to be honest, we are not the least bit surprised it took this long.

Look, I get it. It's the New York *fucking* Times, the paper of record, but c'mon, the bandwagon is totally overflowing by now.This is perhaps just another example about the state of the media, and it's impending doom. Alas, you're welcome world. The brooklyn beard is here (duh), read all about it.

We announced 2010 (2010!) as the year of the beard. It's 2014, the beard decade is nearly halfway over. Welcome to the party, you just became that guy or girl too engrossed with their own appearance that they showed up to the party when everyone is already passed out from having too good a time, without you.

The water is still warm... I guess you can dive in; f you can avoid all the others already swimming about.

The Brooklyn Beard Goes Mainstream


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Jan 1 2014

May it be the hairiest yet!

Original: Build-A-Beard

Happy new year our fellow beardsmen and stachemates! May 2014 bring you more control, less knots and only smoothness and no itching.

Much love from B-a-B

Photo curtesy of


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Dec 26 2013

Happy Boxing Day... you wanna fight about it?!

Original: Build-A-Beard

To our dear friends in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and some other Commonwealth nations... HAPPY BOXING DAY!

To all the rest... wanna fight about it?!




PS In the meantime, get this awesome stache fightin' T from Etsy (where else):


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Dec 11 2013

A fantastic end to a very stachely year

Original: Mustaches for Kids Ottawa



big thank you to all who grew for M4K and contributed to its success. We’ve raised $24,000 for Make-a-Wish EO and its going to go a long way to enriching the lives of the Make-a-Wish children. We had a lot of money still trickling in after the finale on Friday which really added a lot to the bottom line. It was a really great year.

A few thank yous: Trevor Kealey and Mike Hollingworth (co-organizers and co-founders), Paul Townsend (di and co-founder), John Kealey (photographer), Craig McCallion (videographer), Melissa Cowell (tshirt and poster design), Capital Printers (t-shirt production). Thanks for helping out.

A big thanks to the Kivuto team. Together they raised close to $5,000 including a top-up from the company. Looking forward to having them back next year.

And what about the Stache Bash? Well, it was ridiculous but as always – it was a blast. Great costumes, good fun, lots of laughs.


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Dec 9 2013

Original: The Jacksonville Beardsmith Society

Hello Beardsmith’s . We’ve got the club back together. I apologize for the delay on the update here. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 6-9. We’ve been meeting up at Underbelly downtown. Our next meeting will be on December 19th. All are welcome to attend. If you need grooming or product advice, come on down. Maybe you want to style you’re mustache. Come chat with Devon and Sam Holcombe. They know a thing or two about mustaches. Ladies, we’ve got something for you as well. Come chat with Laura Griffis. She’s not only representing us but also The Whiskerinas’ North Florida Femmes. At this months meeting, we will be doing a small gift exchange. Bring a gift, get a gift. Nothing to expensive but make it fun. We hope to see you all on the 19th and thanks for the support.


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Nov 28 2013

Stache Bash 2013

Original: Mustaches for Kids Ottawa

With a triumphant 9th inning effort by the growers, M4K made some huge strides just in the final week.  And we still have another day to go.

I want to give a big shout out to the team at Kivuto for pulling together with a big team effort. High-fives to the boys team bv02 – if you look close enough you might see one of your M4K organizers there. And if you see any of the leaderboard guys, give them a pat on the back and say “Thanks for being awesome.”

Stache Bash

Two words: dress to impress. And be prepared for a good time.

We will be Stacheing it up at the  Legion in Westboro at 389 Richmond on Friday, November 29.  Plan to be there at 7:30pm. The festivities will start promptly at 8pm. More information can be found on the site.


We have some great prizes this year: the top fundraiser  will walk away with two Westjet tickets to anywhere they fly; a couple pairs of hockey tickets; a signed Bergeron Bruins jersey; and then some Oakley sunglasses and golf balls to some select growers.

Pledging and Dropping off money

This isn’t all that complicated, here is everything yo...

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Nov 14 2013

In Memoriam: Big Joy

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

big joy singing

Big Joy died on November 12 of complications following a recent surgery.

Joy served as hostess at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Carson City in 2003 and at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Las Vegas in 2012. Before she died, she had already committed to hostess the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Portland.

She was Beard Team USA’s biggest fan.

At the Vegas Nationals Elsa Laube from Switzerland said, “They call her ‘Big Joy’ because of the size of her heart.”

parade in lv


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Nov 7 2013

M4K 2k13

Original: Mustaches for Kids: Vancouver Chapter

We’re gearing up again for another year of mustache growin’ good times! Who’s in?!

Our Clean Shave Day kickoff is happening on Thursday, November 14th at the Railway Club (Dunsmuir and Seymour). C’mon down… and bring a friend! You know, the guy with permanent 5 o’clock shadow who loves helping kids… yeah, him!

Elem_SeymourThis year once again we’ll be raising funds for the wonderful kids at Admiral Seymour Elementary in the DTES. Two years ago a teacher at the school wrote an open letter to the people of Vancouver and it really struck a collective nerve (possibly near our upper lips) so we quickly mobilized our mustaches and set to raise funds to help out these kids in need.

It was a very satisfying experience to see the money raised go to such a worthwhile cause. By the time we connected with the school, they’d received a lot of clothing and food donations so what they suggested for our money was that it go towards a series of parent workshops and training:

I wanted to let you know that the mindfulness parent workshops you so generously raised funds for are finally in motion and the first one wa...

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Oct 31 2013

The Beards Get What the Beards Take

Original: Build-A-Beard

Congrats to YOUR Boston Red Sox. World Champs!

The beards are strong with them, and they will be strong with the beards.


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Oct 21 2013

A mustache is an amazing, amazing thing

Original: Mustaches for Kids Ottawa

Every year I am absolutely floored by the impact our efforts have on the families we help.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk to a parent of a family helped by Make a Wish, you need to watch this.

But what about YOUR mustache? Why is your mustache amazing? Because it granted these 3 wishes…

Braden’s Wish


Braden is a 9-year-old boy from Ottawa that enjoys swimming, watching movies and playing video games. He suffers for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but he doesn’t let this keep him down! He is known for being quite the conversationalist and loves to talk. Braden was set on either going to Hawaii to see volcanoes, or a home theatre. He quickly decided that he wanted to have a home theatre, so the team at Make-A-Wish got right to work! Braden’s basement was transformed into a full-functioning theatre with comfy chairs, a projector, movie posters, and even a vintage popcorn machine! On wish reveal day, Braden’s father carried him down to the basement and he was shocked! “I think I am going to faint right now!” said Braden.

Jackson’s Wish

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