Oct 9 2013

Week 1 Checkpoint

Original: Mustaches for Kids Raleigh, NC

The Clean Shave Day was this past Monday and the first checkpoint is fast approaching.  If you are anything like me you are not very far along in your growing efforts.  My ‘stache is getting funny looks and even funnier comments.  It is also getting some decent donations for NC Children’s Hospital.

If you weren’t able to make it to the  Clean Shave Day make sure that you shave the non-stache portion of your face, then take a picture and email it to me.

Send your family and friends to the website so that they can follow your progress…or should I say ‘stache-gress.

Remember our efforts are spread by word of ‘stache.  So spread the word.

The new donation site makes it easier than ever to donate, so remember to refer people to it!


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Sep 29 2013

HUGE Beard Team USA pep rally!

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®


This year’s HUGE Beard Team USA pep rally will take place in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy at 4 pm on October 24. Beard Team USA will be in Venice on its way to the World Beard and Moustache Championships® in Germany on November 2.

Throngs of patriotic Americans and other well-wishers are expected to crowd the square to cheer on America’s team.

Napoleon is said to have called St. Mark’s Square “the drawing room of Europe.”



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Sep 20 2013

Reason 37,391 To Love The Red Sox

Original: Build-A-Beard

As if more reasons were needed to love America's most facial follicle friendly major sports team... the Boston Red Sox hosted its "Dollar Beard Night" promotion during Wednesday's game against the Orioles. The team offered $1 tickets to fans who showed up wearing a beard, real or fake. MAJOR hat-tip to my hometown bearded brethren of the Boston Beard Bureau for making the trek and making themselves heard, as always.


What a team (both of them)... they just keep killing it, we dont even dare not to mention the home team's lovely #getbeard promotion... god DAMN I love that team. GO SOX!

That is all, happy Friday.


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Sep 17 2013


Original: Build-A-Beard

Yeah... We are not in show business, sort of, but here's some advice to TV and ad execs. Put an awesome beard front and center, and they will watch... Build it (a beard) and they will come.
Kudos Seth, that red beard is just amazing.


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Sep 11 2013

Registration open for 2013 worlds in Germany

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships® will take place on November 2, 2013 in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany. Registration is now open.

Click here for more info direct from Belle Moustache, including registration instructions.

Click here to register now!

World Beard Championship

Here is a message from Jürgen Burkhardt:

As President of “Belle Moustache,” the organizer of this year’s 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships, I would like to take this opportunity to send greetings to all contestants, spectators, and fans of beards. Beards are currently enjoying a growth in popularity all over the world. The US-Nationals in New Orleans is certainly the biggest American beard competition. I would like to wish success to all of the contestants along with lots of fun and good times. We would also like to invite all competitors to the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2013, highlight of the year for beardsmen worldwide. This event is very conveniently located just a few miles from the Stuttgart Airport. There are plenty of hotels in the convention town of ...

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Sep 9 2013

Langum National champ; LA dominates

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

langum champJeff Langum’s gigantic full beard natural won him top honors and $1000 courtesy of Bluebeards Original at the Just for Men National Beard and Moustache Championships® in New Orleans on September 7, but the City of Los Angeles established itself as the bearding capital of America with an impressive haul of six medals, three of them gold.

Al Underwood led LA’s charge with a perfect score of 25 points in the Musketeer category. That’s the bearding equivalent of 300 in bowling, 27 straight strikeouts in baseball, or a score of 18 for a round of golf. Al won the same category last year in Vegas.

Other LA medalists included Dan Lawlor (Freestyle Moustache — gold), Jeffrey Moustache (Verdi — silver), Roberto Campos (Imperial Moustache — silver), Nathan Johnson (Sideburns — gold), and Alfred Nash (Hungarian Moustache — bronze). Did I miss anyone?


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Sep 7 2013

Just for Men World Beard & Moustache Championships® Take Over Portland October 2014

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

Registration now open for 2014 championships at The Keller Auditorium

It’s time to start growing! The 2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships® are invading Portland, Oregon on Saturday, October 25. Inside the spectacular, 3,000-seat Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland, hundreds of the world’s best “beardsmen” will put the art of facial hair on display in the most entertaining and creative competition to hit the Northwest.


Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland

From delicate Dali moustaches to anything-goes full beard freestyles and medal-worthy mutton chops, this competition represents the full spectrum of beard and mustache art with 17 categories. The Grand Prize? An all-expense paid trip to the 2015 world championships in Leogang, Austria!

“The Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships® are one of the most lively and inspired events you...

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Aug 22 2013

For Some, Even Facial Hair Doesn't Help

Original: Build-A-Beard

New York Jets 'quarterback' Mark Sanchez clearly didn't learn the lesson about being aware of his surroundings on the field... you of course remember the Butt Fumble against (YOUR) New England Patriots, oh that was great... this time it was on the sidelines, when Jets guard Willie Colon sneaked up behind Sanchez and slapped his ass, only slightly less hard than Sanchez slapped (retired) Jet Brandon Moore... with his FACE.

Anyway... the thing is, Sanchez was sporting a pretty bitchin handlebar stache, maybe that's what attracted his teammates so much to slap his ass, but then again... there are some people, a few sad souls, whom facial hair just doesn't help. You be the judge, click on his (ass) face for video... if you dare.


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Jul 5 2013

How Mustaches & Design Come Together

Original: Atlanta Mustache

nsFacial hair is an important aspect to a professional look. As Designers, we must be accountable for the way we present ourselves. A clean looking face is necessary and we must be aware of what the perception of us really is. Remember that perception really is reality. That applies to our clients as well. If they perceive us to be clean shaven detail oriented individuals, our chances of being hired are that much higher.  A mustache doesn’t mean you aren’t detail oriented or clean shaven. It must be done the right way however. So read on for some tips on how to make them look professional.

The key to a clean looking mustache is the amount and shape of it. Remember that wearing a mustache means your face must be shaved elsewhere. That means no beard should be present. A mustache should be clean and light. After all, you need to make a good impression to any potential new client. Less is definitely more in the case. A thick mustache is not only unappealing, but it also gives off the impression that you don’t care. If you put yourself in the shoes of a potential client, would you hire somebody who doesn’t care about their appearance to design something for you?

The next important aspect of a mustache is the shape. You want to choose something that goes with your face and overall look. Something that is stylish but professional at the...

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Jun 19 2013

No Reason IS a Reason

Original: Build-A-Beard

"Men's Wearhouse fires founder George Zimmer; no reason given" read the boldfaced and large fonted LA Times headline... and my heart sank.

As you may know, George Zimmer is the highly recognizable man behind the comforting voice telling men all over the US that he guarantees they will like the way they look... the soft, raspy, paternal even, voice engulfs you as the beard on George's face engulfs his chin... and you believed him. Besides, you never quite knew if he moonlighted as the most interesting man in the world, though you suspected that he probably was.

We don't know why the company severed ties with George, nor do we know if Mr. Zimmer deserved what was coming to him... we just hope that this is not another example in pogonophobia in the corporate world, which we will not accept nor ever lay down our arms against.

There really is just one thing Men's Warehouse can do to prove to us this is not the case... name a replacement with an even bigger, bushier, longer and uncut...

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Apr 30 2013

In a Beard Second, Everything Can Change

Original: Build-A-Beard

We've talked about beard science recently, also beard math a while ago... so why not beard physics?

It has come to our attention from one of our fans Billiam that there is a unit of measurement called a "Beard Second." Per (aka the only source that matters in the history of the world aka throw away your text books and burn your encyclopedias) here is what it says exactly (because copy pasting is the only way to source information):


The beard-second is a unit of length inspired by the light-year, but used for extremely short distances such as those in nuclear physics. The beard-second is defined as the length an average beard grows in one second. Kemp Bennet Kolb defines the distance as exactly 100 angstroms,

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Apr 9 2013

We run shit


Beards don't have any respect for authority.  Authority has respect for beards.  That is why UNLIMITED CAMPAIGN FUNDS await any fucking bearded politician who wished to assume his rightful place in the hierarchy of the shiny American democratic system.  Just fucking grow a beard and you win the Congress.  That's how we roll.

(Women are allowed in Congress, as a "niche.")...

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Feb 28 2013

Our Brotherhood is On Our Face

Original: Build-A-Beard

Can't we all just get along? Apparently not... But hey, getting beards, mustaches, and awareness of pogonophobia on the front page of the Wall Street Journal? Not a bad deal for the facial hair community, net net. Needless to say, one should never let a good crisis go to waste.

PROOF of #provingit

Anyway... Cattiness aside (cats have whiskers too, get it?) we do (and forever will) believe in the brotherhood of the facial hair community. We stand by the attempts, the commitments, the righteous and the hysterical... you can choose not to partake, you can choose to grow it out and grow it proud, you can even choose to shave *shudder*... just remember that we are one, what we do is good, we do more together, always. 

Our brotherhood, is on our face.


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Feb 25 2013

Oscar's Golden Beard Shines Bright

Original: Build-A-Beard

Forget about the falling on the way acceptance, the drug addled 'stars,' the mile a minute gibberish, the CGI bear or even Babs making people wet in the general eye area.

The Oscars last night were all about the beard. Full stop. Below is our proof, should you need it or missed it... we could go on pasting examples of fine facial hair fortitude, but thinking you agree we've made the case when the beardiest picture won top Honors, while best actor went to the dude protraying one of history's most famous beardo. 

Congrats Ben, you deserve it... you've come a long way since your hairless child-face in Reindeer Games. Kudos.

We are tagging this post under Beard Ball, because frankly that's what it was at heart, just take a look at the volume...

From the scruff of Liev...

To Jennifer Aniston's +1's slightly bigger mass:

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Feb 22 2013

BREAKING: Growing a beard is good for you

Original: Build-A-Beard

Beards, now with more science!

credit: DJ NATURE Poster at El Bar Bero
Don't say we didn't tell you so... but we did, and we were right. Beards are good, so good, they fight off cancer... yeah, that's right, fuck you cancer!

  • As per New Now Next a new study from the University of Southern Queensland, published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, finds that beards block 90 to 95% of UV rays, thus slowing aging process and as an added bonus reduces the risk of skin cancer! Boom.
  • Remember all those jokes about crap stuck in people's beards? We are laughing last... per the study pollen and dust also get stuck one's facial hair, possibly reducing asthmatic issue...

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