Jun 5 2015

Hipster Beards Dirtier Than Toilets?

Original: The Beard Coach

C’mon, Man!!!

What the follicle is this crap?! https://www.lebonbon.co.uk/lifestyle/not-sexy-hipster-beards-dirtier-toilets/

Number one reason you don’t need to listen to this: The site is called Le BonBon.  Pretty sure there aren’t too many beard experts on staff.

Number two reason: They didn’t even link to the “study” they cited as basis for the article.  About 1.5 seconds of Google searching turned up this article from the Daily Mail (a scientific powerhouse).  Again, no “study” linked.  Just some speculation from some beard-hatin’ lady.  If you can manage not to TL;DR this stuff, you’ll see the article ends with an actual expert on bacteria saying beards contain the same bacteria as you have on your skin.

Article one of anecdotal evidence that beards aren’t germ-harboring sick makers: I’ve had a beard for over a decade.  I work in a public school with kids sneezing and hacking germs all over the place.  I get maybe two colds per winter that last a few days each.

Article two of anecdotal evidence: My wife rarely gets sick either.  Apparently kissing a bearded man (on a daily basis even) will not make you...

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Jun 1 2015

Lord have mercy.

Original: Beard Blog

I leave this blog for four years and this is the kind of sissy shit y'all are into now?

...and you wonder why I got out of the game when I did.

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Mar 6 2015

Beards in London

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

In London? Stop in to see the exhibition of beards at Somerset House in London, featuring photos by Brock Elbank. Not in London? Check out this video produced by BBC World Service.


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Feb 13 2015

Mr. Desert

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

Mr. Desert Krishan Kumar

Mr. Desert Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar from Jaipur is the new Mr. Desert, taking top honors at the beard contest held during this month’s Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, India. Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City, is located in Rajastan, the Land of the Kings.

In addition to the beard contest, the annual festival features camel races, folk dancing, turban tying competitions, and plenty of other activities suited for this extravaganza of Rajasthani culture. Everything is exotic in the Desert Festival, amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert. With a final musical performance by folk singers under the moonlit sky at the dunes in Sam, just outside Jaisalmer, the festival comes to its end.

The beard contest is only open to beardsmen living in Rajasthan.

Next year’s festival takes place from February 20-22, 2016.

mr desert contestants sm file...

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Dec 31 2014

Group trip to Oktoberfest and WBMC 2015

Original: The World Beard and Moustache Championships®

Oktoberfest image

Beard Team USA is headed to World Beard and Moustache Championships in Leogang, Austria and will stop over in Munich, Germany for the world-famous Oktoberfest on the way. The best part is – you are invited to join the team for this memorable experience.

This will be the fifth time Beard Team USA has traveled to Europe for the world championships. Previous trips – to Berlin (2005), Brighton (2007), Norway (2009), and Germany (2009) – were great fun for everyone.

Here are the details on this year’s trip:


Saturday, September 26 – depart USA for Munich, Germany. Note: you are responsible for arranging your own air transportation, which is not part of the group trip.
Sunday, September 27 – Arrive in Munich.
Monday, September 28 – Walking tour of Munich and visit to Oktoberfest (reserved seating).
Tuesday, September 29 – Optional excursion to Oberammergau and the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany.
Wednesday, September 30 – Free day in Munich.
Thursday, October 1 – Travel to Leogang, Austria.
Friday, October 2 – Free day in Leogang. Evening welcoming party.
Saturday, October 3 – World Beard and Moustache Championships 2015, Leogang, Austria.

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Dec 2 2014

Good night sweet mustache

Original: Mustaches for Kids

A big thank you to all who grew for M4K and contributed to its success. We’ve raised $23,500 for Make-a-Wish EO and its going to go a long way to enriching the lives of the Make-a-Wish children. We had a lot of money still trickling in after the finale on Friday which really added a lot to the bottom line. This is truly a fantastic thing.

A mustache would be nothing without the upper lip. And with that I want to give a big shout out to my co-orgnanizer Trevor Kealey and Mike Hollingworth. I also want to thank Blake, Josh, and Yogi at the House of TARG. Thanks to Ashley Edmunson (at bv02) for the awesome design this year. And finally thanks too to Johnny Kealey for taking the sweet pics you see below.

Join us next year for an extra special “10th Anniversary” edition of Mustaches for Kids!


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Nov 25 2014

Stache Bash 2014

Original: Mustaches for Kids

We’re in the home stretch and we’re killing it.

Stache Bash

Two words: dress to impress. And be prepared for a good time.  AND bring your quarters for a little Wrestlefest.

We will be Stacheing it up at the House of TARG (at the corner of 1077 Bank at Sunnyside) on Friday, November 29.  Plan to be there at 7:00pm. The festivities will start soon after that. More information can be found on the Stache bash page.

1913477_277323715759529_24674354_oAfter the Stache Bash Stick Around For:
YUMA COUNTY + Chris Page + Chops & The Holics

Presented by: House Of TARG
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $5


We have some great prizes this y...

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Nov 5 2014

When growing a mustache, the first week is the hardest

Original: Mustaches for Kids

Its never too late to register: http://m4kottawa.org/join/

Come celebrate your freshman stache! Same bat time, same bat place: Friday November 7, 7pm – we will convene at House of Targ for weekly mustachery.

Hey! We’re in the Targ Zine (on newstands everywhere) AND every quarter dumped into WWF Wrestlefest is being donated to M4K.  Come out and support – the first round of Wrestlefest is on us.

And… Don’t forget: take your pic on friday and send it to us to post to the gallery.

Need some cool stuff to help your campaign? Posters, pins, fake mustaches- we got it all.


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Oct 29 2014

The Clean Shave Is Nigh!

Original: Mustaches for Kids

Clean shave day is upon us. My follicles (aka spidey senses) are tingling.  This is going to be the best M4K ever.

  • Join us and be awesomehttp://m4kottawa.org/join/
  • We’re kicking off this year with our good friends theUnshaven Mavens at the House of Targ on Thursday, October 30 as they wrap up their campaign.  If you’re not sure what an Unshaven Maven is, try to imagine the female version of a M4K.  Join us, it’ll be a blast. The good times start around 7pm ((Warning: they may not stop until you shave your stache in December)). We’ll also have some new M4K gear to kick off your campaign.
  • This year we have a table at the Make a Wish 3 Wishes Gala. Trevor, Mike and I will be there (with dates) and have room at the table for 2 more couples. Tickets are $125 each. We’ve been going for a few years, and it’s a blast.  Send an email to info@m4kottawa.org. Its Sat Nov 22nd, click for more info.
  • I’ve posted an article on the impact you make – its the wish stories of the kids we help. Be proud of it, share it around – you could even send it in an email to your donors from last year. Read more here: 

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Oct 28 2014

In 2014, there were still mustaches

Original: Mustaches for Kids: Vancouver Chapter

BCCHF-logo-webOnce again, a small subset of manly men in Vancouver will use sharp blades and small electric appliances to remove all hair from their face areas. They will then continue to shave said faces on a regular basis except for the area above the upper lip and below the nose, thus creating a mustache.

These mustaches will grow for nearly one full lunar cycle until they reach maturity. As they grow, their owners will collect donations and raise funds for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Being a group of dynamic, mustache-growing men, we’ve decided to set our sights on a new beneficiary of our fundraising efforts. The BC Children’s Hospital, located in Vancouver, does fantastic and important work to take care of the province’s most seriously ill and injured children, from newborn to adolescent.

We’ve always been about the kids, and so is BC Children’s Hospital. So let’s get our “grow” on.

Clean Shave Day is Thursday, November 6th at The Railway Club (Seymour and Dunsmuir) at 8pm!


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Oct 20 2014

You Grew A Mustache For These Kids

Original: Mustaches for Kids

Hayden’s Wish To Go … On A Disney Cruise Line

Hayden is a beautiful 5 year old boy with severe epilepsy. When we visited him he told us right away that he wanted to “see Pluto on a big boat!” Hayden’s wish was our command, and we sent him on a Disney Cruise Line®.

He a fantastic time. Hayden loved playing in Andy’s Room (based on the Toy Story character) and in the Oceaneer’s club. He was thrilled to find out that he could get ice cream all day. He danced on the Castaway Cay island and met Mickey Mouse. But the moment he was waiting for was the chance to meet Pluto.

“The look on his face when he met Pluto for the first time made me cry,” Hayden’s mom told us. “The sheer joy on his face was the definite highlight of the wish trip.”

His family thanked us for making Hayden’s dreams come true, and also thanked WestJet for “all of the wonderful help they gave our family ...

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Sep 30 2014

Just Let Them Grow!

Original: The Beard Coach

Bearded Brethren –

Our collective voice is needed!  The time has come for beard discrimination – Beardscrimination – to end!  My man Shane is working from his deep-seated beliefs that the hairs on a man’s face are not an indicator of his trustworthiness or his academic prowess.

Brigham Young University has long held the beard in contempt for unknown reasons.  I even wrote about this ridiculousness in my Beard Manifesto (download here) waaaaaaay back in the year 2009.

You can do your part by promoting the movement’s website and takng part in its efforts to make the beard acceptable to the “Powers That Be” at BYU.   http://www.bikeforbeards.com

It also wouldn’t hurt just to point out that the photo at the top of this post is what Brigham Young – the namesake of the beardless university looked like.

Really, BYU?  What this non-Mormon is picking up is a lot of hypocrisy.  Maybe it’s time for an about-face on this policy.  An about-bearded-face.